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Take a bow and take a stand since we are not what we had planned
We were told to only dream and we would have our everything
But dreams have faded with our youth and we're the slaves of fastfood booths
So do we stand to tear it down and destroy every gilden crown
Or are we left alone to fade for bitterness to hold our days?

Happiness was just a thing that sold us papers and diamond rings
The icons we grew up adored are hollowed, emptied by de jure
They dealt us broken future lands and make us pay retirement plans
Are we to be the slaves of yore to serve the childer of wealth before?
Can we not still deny the fate that keeps our debt at endless rate?

How can we owe them a dime while promised much in jingle rhyme?
This Generation's Decision
Poem of the day for september 27th 2014
I never saw the sea

as a friend in chivalry

Or a dreamy place to be

Or a place to visit free


The ocean is, to me

The one true tyranny

For the land bows to our might

But the ocean's not our right


The sea is vast and fast and wide

And not a thing to be denied

It cares not for the lives of men

We treat it as an eggless hen


But one day the swells will rise

And men will reach a grim demise

For daring to think they restrained

That which will rise and kill and maim
The Sea
Poem of the day for september 26th 2014
Does that heart pump fear and hate?
Can you still show them all you're brave?
Are you a wounded fighter, then?
Or a leaking broken tin?

Use a metaphor like that rapper you dig
But top-tier wordplay doesn't make you big
Not like people care, it's something else
Timing? Luck? What puts platinums on a shelf?

Maybe you should take a nap, leave that for someone else
half awake philosophy
poem of the day september 25th 2014
blood guts bile pain
cough it up and go insane
viruses ain't shit they say
pray that it will go away
blood guts bile pain
knocked out the entire day
cough it up and hide again
they can't catch you kid
so I'm sick
poem of the day for september 24th 2014
fading Fire, creeping Dark
Good is stained by Evil's mark
A curse that courses through a land
Where mindlessness is what fate's planned
And though we mourn the cycle's end
We should not lie or else pretend
That end is bad, or should not be
For light will return naturally
The journey is what mattered most
We can yet see past splendor's ghost
Is fifty years of rank despair
Worth seven hundred of laughter?
From Lordran to Drangleic
Poem of the day September 23rd, 2014


Owari999's Profile Picture
James Knoll
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Operating System: Windows vista (Gross.)
Open office for prose, Notepad for poetry.

I make words. Not visual art.
In honor of the late Robin Williams, I have decided to write and post a poem a day until I no longer can. Because life gets busy sometimes, I have made the caveat that I have up to a week of leeway before it ends (I.E. I can complete and post up to 7 days' at a time.)

None of the poems can be poems I have written prior.

The project started with "Robin Williams died".

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